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Central Fells

Langdale Pikes

Langdale Pikes

The Langdale Pikes rise to a height of 2403 feet. From the summit of Stake Pass, a path rises between the elevations of Thunacar and Pike o’ Stickle. Anyone taking a detour to climb the latter height will be reward with a fine view of Gimmer Crag. The Langdale pikes comprise of two peaks, Harrison Stickle and Pike o' Stickle. At the foot of Harrison Stickle is the lovely Langdale Valley, leading to Lake Windermere. A well-marked footpath leads down from the summit then up to Thurnacar Knott and eventually to High Raise.

High Raise

High Raise, which rises to a height of 2500 feet, is also known as High White Stones. It is considered by many to mark the very centre of the Lake District. In every direction, there is a wonderful panorama of mountains, including almost all of the highest peaks. It is possible to see the distant Scottish fells, the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bays and Morecambe Bay.

This peak can be reached from the Langdale Pikes through Thurncar Knott. Another route is from Stonethwaite up through Grennup Gill. The climb to the top of High Raise is fairly strenuous.

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