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Derwent Island House // Keswick

Derwent Island House

A historical house set on a small wooded island on Derwentwater.

Just about visible from the mainland, Derwent Island is one of the area's most fascinating attractions and the largest and most northerly of the four islands on Derwentwater. This small wooded island is home to just one individual house, which is only accessible via a short trip across the lake.

The house is privately occupied all year round; however it is open to the public for five days every year when visitors can take the opportunity to explore this wonderfully secluded house and its surrounding gardens on the island. Visiting Derwent Island House you can learn all about the island's past and present life with treasure hunts, guided tours and other activities

The island has had various different occupants throughout its history including monks and royalty in medieval times. During the 16th century it was home to German miners who even brewed beer on the island. The house that we see today was built in the 18th century by Joseph Pocklington along with a small fort and chapel.

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