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Birdoswald Roman Fort // Carlisle

Birdoswald Roman Fort
Birdoswald Fort, Hadrian's Wall

Extensive Roman fort ruins set along Hadrian's Wall; stop off here to take in the views as you explore Hadrian's Wall.

One of the sixteen forts situated along the Hadrian's Wall frontier system, these extensive ruins of a Roman fort are set on the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail in Cumbria and is one of the most popular stopping points for walkers and cyclists. Birdoswald Roman Fort boasts a maze of ruins including a complete circuit of walls and gates, parade block, milecastles, turrets, river crossing and granaries.

Here you also have the best position to take in the views of the longest continuous stretch of Hadrian's Wall, a World Heritage Site, as well as across the countryside and wooded farmland in the hills of the North Pennines.

The tearoom is a welcome relief to tired legs and there is also an interesting visitor centre that tells the story of the 1000 soldiers that were once based here including interactive displays and artefacts.

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