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Aquarium of the Lakes // Bowness on Windermere

A fun family day out exploring over 30 naturally themed habitats bringing the aquatic wildlife of the Lakes to life.

Set on the lakeside pier on the southern end of Windermere is the Aquarium of the Lakes, also known as the Lakes Aquarium where you can explore more secret world of the wildlife and freshwater life in the surrounding area.

There are over 30 displays at the Lakes Aquarium which bring to life various species from the Lake District. The mountain top waterfall starts the exploration with a moorland steams home to salmon, otters and nocturnal life on the riverbank, trout and pike in the lake, and the fresh water fish and birds of the estuary, and finally the ways and shark from the coast.


Visitors will also find a gift shop and restaurant on the pier offering stunning panoramic views across Lake Windermere. Why not combine your visit with a boat ride from Waterhead or Bowness, or on train via the Lakeside and Havensthwaite Railway.

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